The 4 Hour Body

The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide To Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, And Becoming Superhuman hardback book covers more than 50 topics. They are all based on real experiments and personal experiences. And many of those topics include test subjects.

This incredible book delivers immediate results in an enormous amount of areas that are extremely important to you. Reaching your goals and attaining your potential is definitely something you will be able to do after reading this book. And in a shorter amount of time than you thought.

This is not just some diet and weight-loss book. Timothy Ferris offers several very viable solutions to create a better overall life. Do you want to be faster, thinner, stronger? How about perform better sexually, or feel more rested…on less sleep? The answers you’re looking for are in this book. And their are plenty of professional athletes and physicians that chimed in with their advice too. It’s good to know what the pro’s do to create a better body, and life.

You’re life is busy. That’s why Timothy wanted to offer simple solutions with massive results. The Four Hour Body is beneficial for both sexes too.

There are several reviews on this book as you may expect. And the majority of them are extremely positive. People are looking for simple, alternative solutions for a better body, losing weight, feeling better and performing better. The Four Hour Body delivers answers to those questions and many, many more.

Some of the features are:

  • Learn how to feel completely rested with just two hours of sleep per day
  • Learn how to stop gaining weight while binge eating during the holidays
  • Learn how using just a few bags of ice leads to increased fat-loss
  • Learn how to treble your testosterone and also double your sperm count
  • Learn how to increase your lifts by 150 lbs in just 6 months
  • Learn how to build up your running from around 5 km to 50 km in just 12 weeks

This book not only offers several great solutions, but it also teaches you how to stay motivated. Get The Four Hour Body right now and start living better today.