TRX Suspension System – Hard CORE

I know, the header says ‘kettlebell is king’, and I still think it is.

But I know how serious kettle-beller’s are about fitness and it’d be a crime for me to keep this piece of fitness equipment a secret from them. I had my eye on the TRX Suspension Training System for quite some time. Even after I started kettlebell training I kept wondering how effective the TRX System was. And then I found out about a TRX class being offered locally and I signed up for a month.

Big mistake.

At least that’s what I thought at first because it was kicking my butt. I’m telling you this TRX Trainer is intense, hard-CORE stuff. And I emphasize core because it’s always engaged. And the results I got from my class, 3 times a week for a month, were incredible. I didn’t lose more than a few pounds, but my strength and endurance increased significantly. So much so that I bought my own TRX Suspension Training System to have for myself. Once I tried it, it sold itself and I had to have one.

If you’re serious about getting fit the TRX is a must have. And it works for any level of fitness because you determine the resistance based with the angle of your body. I have all I need to stay fit and in shape right in my own house… a kettlebell and a TRX Suspension Trainer. And if you’re serious about fitness you’ll go grab one right now and have it hanging from somewhere in your house within a week.

I promise you big results… and fast.