Health Benefits Of Protein

Let’s put the confusion to rest. If you’re going to be healthy and fit you’re going to need to eat more protein… PERIOD!

Get Stronger – Recover Faster

You need carbs too, for energy, but protein is a must if you want any kind of muscle, tone and definition. One thing you have to remember with all the fad diets out there is that they’re all about one thing, making money. Sure, some of them work, but it’s usually just temporary because you can’t eat frozen meals everyday and you need some variety.

But more importantly, if you’re working out, is you need to have something going into your body to help with repairs and recovery. You don’t want to get side tracked because of injuries or soreness. And a whey protein will do just that. Proteins help maintain healthy muscels as well as build skin, hair, nails and cartilage. You want hair that glows don’t you? Then you want protein, a complete protein with all the essential amino acids.

I suggest taking a look at this one. It’s been third party testy for validity and consistency by Informed-Choice, and it’s endorsed by several professional athletes for FREE. And those guys can’t take anything they want.