Kettlebell Basics Deliver Massive Results

Do you ever sit their late at night channel surfing?  Before you know it you’ve been watching an infomercial on some fitness gimmick for 20 minutes?

You know this fitness model and gladiator didn’t build their fit, lean, tone bodies doing what they’re are showing you.  It may have been one thing they did, but they always pitch it as, “all you have to do is shake your booty for 5 minutes a day while holding this vibrating rod.”

Yeah…sure…whatever.  Most of that stuff is junk.  If it doesn’t break, you just stuff it in your closet or under your bed(it fits there for a reason). And you forget about it until spring cleaning or you move.

But there is one thing taking the fitness world by storm.  It’s been around for 100 plus years…and it’s just as effective today as it was when it was created.

It’s the kettlebell.  Let me tell you something.  I’ve been lifting weights for over 20 years.  And doing a little cardio(I hate cardio).  I don’t like running and I don’t like stationary…in motion(if that makes sense).  To top it off after 2 knee surgeries I’m not supposed to do anything high-impact anyway.  My excuse to not run.

I couldn’t let 2o plus years of exercise and fitness go down the drain.  I want to stay fit, but I don’t want, nor do I have the time, to exercise 2 hours a day.  After researching different methods of exercise I found Dragondoor Fitness and ordered Enter the Kettlebell DVD.  A great dvd that goes over the basics and how to of using the kettlebell and which weight to use.  I started with a 44lb kettlebell and the basic move, the swing.  After only 20 reps, I was feeling it.  And I’ve done P90X too, so I’m in pretty good shape.  Now I do them as a hybrid workout I’ve created.

If you’re tired of watching those infomercials thinking ‘what if,’ and you want to lose fat, get lean, build strength, and increase endurance…do what works–kettlebell training.  It started with the Russians as a test of strength and power.  Now it’s used by everyone from stay at home moms to military special forces.  And there’s a kettlebell for everyone ranging from 8lbs to 105lbs for the brutes.

It’s time to get fit.  It’s time to look good and feel great.  It’s time to get results. It’s time for you to start training with the kettlebell.

Go here right now…you’ll find everything you need.  And if you don’t buy the kettlebell here make sure the handle is smooth…your hands will thank you later.