Kettlebell Swing

If you don’t know by now, you soon will. Kettlebells are changing the weight loss and fitness world at a rapid pace. It seems every gym is now offering or organizing to offer kettlebell workouts.

This fitness tool, despite its brutal appearance, is a highly effective fat burning, body leaning, strength building “machine.” Actually, once you start your kettlebell training, you’ll no longer need exercise machines. And one of the first kettlebell exercises you’ll learn is the kettlebell swing. This exercise can be done with one or both hands and it enlists your shoulders, core and thighs. A compound movement like this leaves room for error, so be sure to maintain the correct form. This will help you avoid injury and reap maximum benefits.

You’ll want to start in the squating position when doing kettlebell swings. Try to keep your back straight, not vertical, but strait. Have your toes pointed out slightly, weight on your heels, shoulders back, chest out and eyes straight ahead with the kettlebell hanging from your hands between your legs. Swing the kettlebell back to get it going and drive yourself up to the standing position. Drive through your heels, and as you come up, tighten your core and thrust your hips while your breathe out. Do not lift with your shoulders. The kettlebell should swing as if it’s on a pendelum while you’re holding it with a ‘cradle grip’.

It swings back as your squating, and as you thrust yourself up pushing through your heels, the force causes it to swing back up. Make sure you use are using the correct form. It is very important. Lauren Brooks has an awesome choice of kettlebell dvd’s to choose from or you can get Enter The Kettlebell from Pavel Tsatsouline to get started.

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