More Russian Kettlebell Challenges

Do you ever get bored with your workout routines? I know I do, and that’s not a good thing because it’s already hard enough to commit to the time and energy it takes to stay in shape.

I started doing kettlebell training because I didn’t have the time or desire to “hit the gym” for 2 hours a night anymore. I still wanted massive results, but I also wanted minimum effort. Not necessarily commitment, just something I could do for 30 to 60 minutes max and get great results. You know what I’m talking about. Tone muscles, increased strength, flat abs and cardio benefits.

Kettlebell Training Isn’t Easy

Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to sweat when you start swinging a kettlebell. But you don’t want easy anyway. You want maximum effectiveness in the least amount of time. And while you can reap huge rewards with just the basic kettlebell exercises, eventually you’re going to want to expand your routine so you…

…Don’t Get Bored

And that’s why I wanted to show you this. Especially if you’ve been doing kettlebell training for awhile. It’s 25 Evil Drills for Radical Strength and Old School Toughness.

Mix these drills up anyway you like. But one things for sure, you’re going to one tone, fit, fat burning machine with this series of workouts. It’s your ticket to making 2012 your fittest year ever. Grab it right here now.