Scarlett Johansson: Kettlebell Workout

Hollywood movie stars like Scarlett Johansson have incredible hard bodies. And I hear people all the time say, “ya, well if I had her money and could afford a trainer, I’d look like her too.” But let me tell you something. She doesn’t look like that because she has money. Sure, it helps, but she looks like that because she works her butt off and eats right.

When you read this article, you’ll pretty much know her regime. But like everyone else that’s out there burning fat and leaning up these days, Scarlett is also using the kettlebell. And she fits the definition of “kettlbell goddess” to a T. Lucky for you, you can get the Kettlebell Goddess workout right here. And if you’re looking for a great workout that compliments kettlebell training, add a TRX suspension training system and get it shipped for FREE.