Targeting Tight Spots

When you have a tight muscle, you have a weak muscle. The tissue can’t get stronger until you loosen the fibers. And it’s also easier to injure.

An Easy Fix

The good news is, this is an easy fix that doesn’t require any fancy new equipment or techniques. For example, a kettlebell can relieve knots in the calves legs and hips. This also means you can release tense spots as you exercise, instead of ignoring problems.

In order to properly release tight fibers, you need to apply pressure while you move the muscle through its full range of motion. Often having to bend and straighten and arm or leg. Try it with these tools and exercises.


1. Calves – Stand a kettlebell up on the floor and place calf on the handle, pressing down steadily into the bell while pointing and flexing foot.

2. Hip Flexors – Get into a side plank, the bell lying on its side just under your hip; lower your weight onto the bell, then bend and straighten your bottom leg’s knee to work the hip flexor.

3. Inner Thighs – Sitting on the floor, press the bell’s handle into the inner thigh, bending and straightening the leg.


Use a weighted bar in a squat rack to untangle knots in the upper body.
1. Traps – Stand perpendicular to the barbell. Then duck under and press the area between shoulder and neck up into the bar without lifting it. Apply continuous pressure while you move your head from side to side.
2. Biceps – Position arms under barbell, pressing biceps up into bar; bend and straighten arms(as if you were doing a biceps curl).
3. Triceps – Place the backs of arms on top of the bar and press down as you again bend and straighten arms.

Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is arguably the best tool to help stretch and release the often too-tight muscles in the pecs.
1. Chest – Sit with a ball directly behind you and lean back to let mid-and upper back melt over ball; fan arms above head, then out to sides.